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Fantasy Drabble VI


"There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you."

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

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The tone of the Fantasies doesn’t exactly change after that. Derek still finds himself panting into his mattress late at night, groin hitching against hips that fit too well into the shape of his palms, mouthing wetly against a neck that stretches and groans silent encouragement, body surging back against him rough and frantic with need until they both tumble over that edge into toe-curling bliss…

But there are new little additions to their routine as well, the way the body will curl up next to him afterward, long fingers trailing through his hair and soft, unheated kisses brushing his temple until he dozes off.

There are the moments of unexpected warmth that flood over him throughout the day – long arms and a warm body suddenly against him in a way that should feel stifling but somehow manages to leach all the tension right out of him.

It happens at the most random moments, with no way to prepare for it – while he’s out running, doing chores, eating dinner – and Derek realizes quickly that it isn’t a prelude to anything, not some new type of foreplay, when he tries to reciprocate with a kiss and finds a pair of fingers brushing his lips, holding him off. So, just a hug then. Just… comfort.

He’s not sure what to make of it, this new development in their… not relationship, because to have a relationship he’d have to have even the slightest idea who he’s having the relationship with.

And the fact that he doesn’t is starting to affect him in ways it hadn’t when it was just sex between them.


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Creo que el concepto de “virginidad” fue inventado por un hombre que cree que su pene es tan importante como para cambiar la condición de una mujer.








Sin un pene ni estarían vivas… A la mierda el sexismo, ni machismo ni feminismo, weon! Aunque no les guste somos complemento!

yo escribí este post y quiero decirle al de arriba que no me refiero a que “no necesitamos hombres” porque obviamente somos complementos. pero si que no voy a tener mas menos valor por haber culiado o no:)

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